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Galveston TX Women's Retreat - September 2022

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Keep in Touch!! I reply quick

I will also make a group chat for all that will attend to get to know and give updates

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   This is a relaxing 5 day indigenous woman Empowerment & Healing retreat

I Will Only Be Taking 5 Women at a time, first come first serve

Retreat Price is $500

A payment plan of $250

are due on  


 to my Cashapp ($shelbyjak), PayPal (@shelbyjak) or Venmo (@shelbyjak).

ITS NON REFUNDABLE! So make sure you resonate truly and make space in your schedule for it! Keep in mind that If you're flying out, YOU pay for your flight. We will pick you up and provide transportation and the retreat home.

CHECK IN IS AT: ( here) at the Retreat home

There will be:

  • estatic dancing 

  •  Yoni steaming 

  • Sound Bowl and Sound healing

  • Its hot here in Texas in general so wear something light, I suggest  Goddess attire the whole week (sexy robes, lingerie, comfy clothes, comfy dresses, swimsuit that make you feel like a goddess, if you’d like to be completely covered, that’s totally fine!!!)

  • I’ll also be doing acts of service such as giving cranio sacral, massages, oracle readings and private sound healing sessions to all the women that joins

  • We will be going to swim at Sculpture Falls, (swimming in the waterhole is optional, or if you want to go and not swim, thats fine as well, everything will align, you have the option of staying at the retreat home to rest as well)

  • We will also hike the SpiceWood Valley Trail, so bring your hiking boots! and clothes for hiking!!

  • We will participate in sacred medicine tea (optional) 

  • Feel free to bring crystals, instruments, divination/spiritual tools with you

My Why?!

    I’m stepping more into my purpose as being a Medicine Woman/Curandera  and called to host sacred women circles ESPECIALLY FOR MY MELANTED QUEENS & GODDESSES. Of course, all women are welcome, but I want to hold spaces for my melanated queens so we can be unapologetically Black and vulnerable and relate to each other, creating sacred sisterhood. We need more spaces where we can relax, rest and be our authentic melanated selves!! Where we can share our feelings, cry and heal

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